Leveraging Analytics Tab for Enhanced Performance Analysis


Welcome to the Analytics Tab. Whether you're tracking user acquisition, engagement metrics, or revenue statistics, this tab provides comprehensive data to drive informed decision-making and optimize your strategies.

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How to Access Analytics tab ?

To access the analytics tab simply navigate to Sales Channel and select Shop2App dashboard, under mobile app builder navigate to the Analytics tab to access. 

Analytics Overview

 1. Acquisition Overview:

Total Downloads: This metric measures the total number of times your app or product has been downloaded or installed.

Users: The total count of unique users who have interacted with your platform within a specific time frame.

New Users: Indicates the number of first-time users who have engaged with your platform during the selected period.

2. Engagement Overview:

Average Engagement Time: The average duration users spend actively interacting with your platform during each session.

Engaged Sessions: Total number of sessions where users actively engage with your platform

Engaged Sessions per User: Average number of engaged sessions per user.

Engagement Rate: Percentage of sessions that result in meaningful interactions or conversions.

Sessions: Total count of user sessions on your platform.

Session per User: Average number of sessions per user.

DAU/MAU (Daily Active Users/Monthly Active Users): Ratio indicating the proportion of users who engage with your platform daily compared to those who engage monthly.

3. Revenue Statistics

Total Orders Amount: The total monetary value of all orders placed on your platform.

Total Orders Count: The total number of orders processed within the specified time frame.


Dive deeper into revenue statistics by analyzing average order value, conversion rates, and revenue per user. Identify high-value customer segments and tailor marketing campaigns or promotions to encourage repeat purchases.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us at help@shop2app.com.

Happy selling!

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