Understanding and Implementing Action Types

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What are Action Types ?

Types of Actions

  • Static

    This, as the name suggests, does not direct the customer to any specific screen.

  • Open a specific collection

    This means to navigate to a particular group of items or products on a website or app. For example, if your customers are on an online clothing store, opening a specific collection might take them to a page showcasing all the dresses or shoes available.

  • Open a specific product details page

    This action directs customers to a page that provides detailed information about a particular product. They will typically find things like product descriptions, images, pricing, and maybe even customer reviews.

  • Open a URL

    This action simply means to go to a specific web address or link. Customers could be directed to any website or page on the internet by opening a URL.

  • Open cart screen

    This action takes customers to the page or screen where they can see the items they have added to their shopping cart while browsing an online store.

  • Open home screen

    It means returning to the main or starting page of your app. This is often the first screen your customers see when they open an app or visit a website.

  • Open wishlist screen

    This directs your customers to a screen where they can see a list of items they've saved to their wishlist for future purchase consideration.

  • Open subscriptions portal

    This leads your customers to a section of a website or app where they can manage subscriptions. It might include options to subscribe, modify existing subscriptions, or cancel them.

  • Open orders screen

    This takes your customers to a page where they can view the status and details of past orders. They can see information like order numbers, dates, item details, and shipping status, etc.

  • Open blogs screen

    This action navigates your customers to a section of a website or app where they can read various articles or posts. These could cover a wide range of topics depending on the website's focus.

  • Open a specific blog post

    Similar to opening a specific product details page, this action directs your customers to a particular article or post within a blog.

  • Apply discount to cart

    This means to use a discount code or offer to reduce the total cost of the items in the shopping cart before proceeding to checkout. Discounts could be in the form of a percentage off, fixed amount reductions, or other promotional deals.

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