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Customer engagement metrics like Average Engagement Time, Engaged Sessions per customer, Engagement Rate, and Events Engagement offer valuable insights into how customers interact. By tracking and analyzing these metrics, businesses can optimize their offerings to enhance customer engagement, and retention, and ultimately drive growth.

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Average Engagement Time

Average Engagement Time measures the average amount of time customers spend actively interacting with your app during a session.

Why is it important?

A longer average engagement time indicates higher customer engagement and satisfaction, while a shorter time may suggest issues with content relevance.

Engaged Sessions per User

Engaged sessions per user show the number of sessions that were engaged per user. An engaged session is any session that lasted 10 seconds or longer or had 1 or more conversion events or 2 or more page or screen views.

Why is it important?

A higher number of engaged sessions per customer suggests stronger customer engagement and loyalty, while a lower number may indicate a need for improvements in content, features, or customer experience.

Engagement Rate

Engagement Rate is the percentage of engaged sessions (Engaged sessions divided by Sessions).

This metric is returned as a fraction; for example, 0.7239 means 72.39% of sessions were engaged sessions.

Why is it important?

A higher engagement rate signifies a more engaged audience and a greater likelihood of achieving business goals such as conversions or retention.

Events Engagement

Events Engagement refers to the level of interaction with specific events or actions within the app. These events could include sign-ups, views, add to wishlist, searches, and more.

Why is it important?

Tracking event engagement helps businesses understand how customers interact with different features or content elements.

PS: You can choose to filter out up to three events you wish to analyze in that particular time interval using the "Select Events" button.

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