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App Store Analytics provides essential insights into the performance and user engagement of your mobile app. Understanding these metrics is key to optimizing your app's presence and effectiveness in the app store.

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App Store Connect provides data on app install conversion rates, which measure the rate at which App Store users see your app listing and decide to download the app. In the Overview section, you can view total impressions, product page views, conversion rate, and more!


In the Acquisition section, you can see all your download sources and where your product page views originate.

To change the data displayed in this graph, use the drop-down menu in the page's top right-hand corner.


By default, Metrics displays the number of product page views you receive daily over a specified period.

To change the data shown in the graph use the drop-down menu in the top left-hand corner of the page.


The Retention section shows the percentage of users who downloaded your app and the number of users who activated the app after the initial download.

For more information on the data tracked within App Store Connect, please check out their guide here.

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