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Integrate Judgeme, Stamped and others on your mobile app.

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Customer Loyalty

Integrate your Loyalty apps on app.

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App Launch

Launch your mobile app on Apple App Store and Google Play Store

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Pickup & Delivery

Integrate Pickup & Delivery on your Mobile App

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Offer simplest way to manage subscriptions for your customers

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Push Notifications

Send Push Notifications to your customers

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With Shop2app+Gorgias integration, when customers contact a merchant from their mobile app, a ticket gets generated in their Gorgias account. Customers are also able to initiate a support ticket directly from their past orders. 2. Access to Customer

Integrate Meta SDK for iOS on your mobile app

1. Login to M and open Click on Create App. Facebook Developers - Create App. 2. Next, you're required to select the type of application. Select 'None. Select App Type. 3. Add name for your mobile app here. Image Caption

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