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How to enable Push Notifications for Klaviyo

You can easily enable existing Klaviyo flows for your store on the mobile app generated by Shop2app.

There are three prerequisites for using push notifications in Klaviyo:

  1. You must have your own native mobile iOS app. (Contact [email protected] in case you dont have this already. )
  2. You must generate an APNs Authentication key from Apple that will be uploaded to Klaviyo (more details below).
  3. You must install the Klaviyo SDK and set up event tracking and push notifications in your iOS app. You will have this already if you are on Pro Plan. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.
Set Up Push Notifications in Your Klaviyo Account

After enabling the push notifications feature in your account, you have to connect your app to your Klaviyo account.

Start by navigating to your push notifications setup tab. You can access this tab from the account dropdown by navigating to Account > Settings > Push Setup.
What you'll need to get started:  

  1. Access to your Apple Developer Account
  2. Your Klaviyo Account

In order to setup Klaviyo for your mobile app, you'll need the following:

APNs Authentication Key

  • Key ID: 10 character Code from Apple Developer Account
  • Team ID: 10 Character Code issued from Apple
  • Bundle ID: Bundle ID is found on "About" section in iTunes Connec
Step 1. Generate APN Authentication Key and Key ID

To generate an APN, visit "Certificates, identifiers, and profiles" within your Apple Developer portal, then navigate to Keys and click "Create Key"

Use the following settings to configure your APN. Remember that this APN can only be downloaded once after registering, so download it and save it in a protected folder. You will be given a .p8 file and a Key ID upon registering this key.

Key name: Klaviyo
Enable: Apple Push Notification Service (APNs)

Step 2: Enter Team ID

a. Login to

b. Open

Step 2: Enter Bundle ID

Open App Info Page:

You're all set!

After you've set up push notifications in your Klaviyo account, check out Klaviyo's guide on sending push notifications in your flows and campaigns.

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