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Intro slides offer a captivating way to greet your customers, setting the stage for an engaging journey through your Mobile App. These initial screens serve as the gateway to your app's functionalities, guiding them through the onboarding process.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Designing Intro Slides

  • Keep It Clear: Make sure your message is simple and easy to understand. Don't overload users with too much info or complicated pictures. Stick to the main points.
  • Keep It Looking the Same: Keep a consistent look throughout your intro slides. Use the same colors, fonts, and style to make your app feel like a cohesive experience.
  • Add Some Fun: Include things like swiping, animations (GIFs), or buttons to make your intro slides more engaging. But don't go overboard – make sure it still feels easy to use.
  • Test and Improve: Try out your intro slides with different people and see what they think. Use their feedback to make your slides even better and more helpful for users.

How to Create Intro Slides?

Step 1: Go to Add Slide on the left corner of Intro Slide tab.

Step 2: Enter the Block Title and Select the aspect ratio.

Step 3: Enter Description Text.

Step 4: Enter the Button Text and Save.

Please Note: Before starting with Intro Slides, please keep in mind that you can have up to 3 intro slides only.

Preview Of Intro Slides

Benefits of Intro Slides

  • First Impressions Matter: Intro slides are your chance to make a great first impression. With eye-catching and helpful slides, you can grab users' attention right when they open your app.
  • Easy Start: Using intro slides to show users around your app makes getting started simpler. By giving them key information in an organized way, users can quickly get the hang of your app's layout and features.
  • Keep Users Interested: Fun visuals, clear messages, and interactive elements in intro slides can get users excited to explore more. This immersive experience can boost how much users engage with your app.
  • Tailored Just Right: Customize intro slides to match what your users like and need. By fitting the content and style to your users' interests, you can make them feel more connected to your app.

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